T-fal® Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Review

This item is well know because of its excellent performance, impressive design which facilitates durability and efficiency. The item is more popular compared to other best selling pans and pots in the market.

It has a ceramic interior finish that is a stain and scratch resistant. Cooking with this cookware is very easy and you will definitely use less oil when you are cooking with it.

Normally the first thing that comes into our minds when nonstick cookware is mentioned is the ease of cleaning which is basically compromised by a very high price.

In fact, they are seen to be unaffordable and luxurious. Although this is not fully undeniable, T-fal® Initiatives Ceramic  Nonstick Cookware  has come with a very fair price which has not sacrificed its quality.

T-fal Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Cookware/ 5 Major Features

1.PTFE and PFOA free

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) are chemical compounds that are mostly used in the coating of most cookware. Granting their transfer to the food is trifling, long term use of the same is hazardous.

When heated, the fumes produced are as well toxic. T-fal® Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Cookware has ceramic coating that is durable and free of this compounds.

This implies that even in a case of accidental overheating, no toxic fumes are produced. Although this compounds and others like cadmium are missing, it is still very easy to clean since the coating offers perfect food release.

2.Fast efficient heating and oven safe

T-fal® Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Cookware offers fast efficient heating. This is as a result of heavy gauge aluminum base. The material ensures even heat distribution which ensures that food does not burn in some areas.

It is an excellent heat conductor. The inside ceramic coating stands temperatures as high as 5700 f. The cookware is oven safe up to a temperature of 350 degree Fahrenheit. It can be used in all cook tops which makes it very convenient.

3.Well-fitting glass lids

Cooking is characterized by opening and closing the lid to monitor the food. However, in T-fal® Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Cookware, this is not the case. The ergonomic cookware has glass lids that are transparent to offer a clear view of the food.

This not only makes the whole process easier but also ensures no moisture release. Indeed, monitoring food has never been easier. In a case where you have to remove the lid, it is easily removable and safe since it stays cool and has a handle.

The lids are well fitting with vents which allows for pressure release. Pressure release ensures safety since pressure does not build up causing accidents.


In reality, this is one of the most durable cookware that you will find in market. It has a heavy gauge aluminum base which is an excellent heat conductor and very durable.

The sturdy construction has an enamel exterior finish. This makes it very hard and able to withstand high temperatures

In the inside, T-fal® Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Cookware has ceramic coating that is easy to clean since dirt is easily visible. The tough coating is resistant to scratching and staining.

Note: in as much as T-fal® Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Cookware is very tough and durable, it should be taken care of and should be kept safely to avoid falling and should not be scratched.

5.Ergonomic riveted handles

T-fal® Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Cookware has handles that are designed with expertise to lessen fatigue and for comfort. The riveted handle design makes it very strong. It is also very comfortable to handle and offers a firm secure soft grip.

Burns are very common in cooking. They mostly result from touching the handle a cookware that is too hot maybe accidentally.

The handles of T-fal® Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Cookware are heat resistant which makes it very easy to carry it when hot or even to turn the food.

It also makes it very easy to switch the cookware from one cooker to the other or to take the cookware from the oven confidently without the fear of getting a burn. The stay cool handles are designed with holes to make hanging them easy.


  • Loose handles should be tightened immediately to prevent accidents and losing screws.
  • the cookware should not be used in induction cooking.
  • Be gentle while cooking. This will prolong the life of the cookware in good condition.

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Why should you use T-fal® Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Cookware?

1.Fast and efficient heating

T-fal initiatives ceramic nonstick cookware for one has a fast and efficient heating. Due to its heavy gauge base made of aluminum, it facilitates even heat distribution. Its interior surface made  of ceramic coating can be heated to 570°F. This cookware is oven safe to 350°F.

2.Heat resistant handles

T-fal cookware is made with riveted phenolic handles that are designed for heat resistant. That is to say that, this handles are steady, safe, cool and comfortable to touch the cookware when cooking.

That goes for the lids too which have handles for easy handling. The cookware is fitted with holes for hanging. The lids are made of glass and have vents for realizing steam.

3.Comes in a fully set

T-fal cookware comes with a set whereby you get two frying pans. The bigger pan has a lid. On top of that you get two t-fal cooking pots, a griddle pan and a Dutch oven.

This becomes economical since you get a good efficient cookware with the white ceramic interior coating that does not get scratched or stained easily.

4.Easy management

This ceramic nonstick cookware are easy to clean and also to store compared to other cookware you need to scrub. The t-fal cookware is easy to hand wash. The cookware is PTFE free and PFOA free unlike the earlier nonstick cookware on the market.

5.You can cook without oil

Unlike other cookware, the T-fal ceramic nonstick cookware does not require fat or oil. An individual can add the oil just for flavor.

Its interior enables one to cook without oil because it is nonstick. With its beautiful interior, it has a beautiful and well looking exterior that come with beautiful colors.

Product Benefits

  • Cadmium, PFTE and PFOA free
  • The set includes a griddle pan
  • It has a lifetime limited warranty
  • It is economically priced
  • It comes with six nylon utensils
  • Its stovetop is safe to 570 °F
  • Heavy gauge aluminum base for even distribution of heat
  • Heat resistant handles
  • Oven safe to 350 °F
  • No oil or fat needed

The Negative Things

  • Handles may loosen over time
  • Oven cooking does not exceed 350 °F
  • The riveted places require care in cleaning in order to avoid wear.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the item dishwasher safe?


  1. Can you use Aerosol cooking spray on the T-fal?

It is not recommended to use.

  1. Are the cookware oven safe?

Yes however not above 350 F

  1. Do the nonstick cookware peel?

No, they don’t due to the way they are designed

  1. Does the cookware come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a limited warranty

Final Verdict

T-fal® Initiatives Ceramic Nonstick Cookware is a complete cooking set that comes with 6 nylon utensils which are safe to use with the cookware. It is very efficient in cooking and will definitely exceed your expectation.

It is ergonomically designed and priced and good looking making it a flashy bit in any kitchen. To crown it all, the cookware comes with a lifetime limited warranty which is needless to say a mark of quality.

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