How to Clean Non Stick Baking Sheets

Cleaning in general is a chore, whether it is your room, car, clothes, or baking sheets. Cleaning up after making messes is tedious, but non stick baking sheets often make the process a little bit easier. They require specific cleaning instructions and have their own list of do’s/don’ts, but overall, they’re preferred in comparison to traditional baking sheets! Let’s talk about how to clean non stick baking sheets and more of your commonly asked questions!

What Makes a Baking Sheet Non Stick?

how to clean non stick baking sheets image 2Non stick baking sheets are coated in a non stick coating and made of either aluminum or steel. They are usually meant for those foods that require a more crunchy, flakey, or crispy texture. For example, cookies, scones, croissants, etc.! They are also a lot easier to clean up after each use of them.

What Are Baking Sheets Used For?

Baking sheets have a hefty list for what they can be used for besides just cookies. Pizzas, flat bread, sheet cakes, pastries, bread rolls, one pan/sheet dinners like fish with some veggies and potatoes are just a few.  You could even use it to cook up some chicken nuggets or fries for the family or yourself.

Also, baking sheets are great for using as the base for family frozen dinners like lasagna that will need to sit on top of the sheet while it cooks so when removing it, you don’t burn your hand.

 How to Clean Non Stick Baking Sheets

There are quite a few ways to clean non stick baking sheets. You could use baking soda and hot water or baking Soda and vinegar hydrogen peroxide. However, you should avoid heavy-duty scrubbing with non stick pans when cleaning them as this will cause their non stick coating to wear off.

What are some of the best ways to clean non stick baking sheets?

Baking soda and Hot water

One of the most common methods is using baking soda and hot water! It’s a non-toxic method that protects the coating of your non stick baking sheets.

The first step is to add boiling water to the pan in a sink. Then, add a few tablespoons of baking soda to the water. Next, after the baking soda and water stop bubbling let it sit for about an hour. You’ll notice any residues loosen and even float to the surface. After an hour, drain the water, and wipe off any leftover burned on messes. Finally, clean off all the residue with a cloth and wash with mild soap!

Baking Soda and Vinegar

With non stick pans, using vinegar and baking soda is very similar to using hot water and baking soda. This method is best for pans that haven’t had a deep cleaning in a while as vinegar can cut through nearly anything!

First, you will cover the sheet with 2 tablespoons of baking soda then add 1 cup of vinegar on top to your sheet. You’ll then let this mixture sit for 30 min. Lastly, just like you would with baking soda and hot water, drain the vinegar/baking soda combo and wash the pan with some mild soap/water to finish it off.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Much like with the prior two methods, you will use baking soda with some hydrogen peroxide. Again, this is a strong method ideal for sticky messes because even non stick pans aren’t immune to overly sticky substances!

First, you will want to add the baking soda to your baking sheet, pour the peroxide over it and add a second round of the baking soda on top. Second, let the sheet soak for two hours, wipe away the excess solution with a sponge. Lastly, go over the pan with a final wash and a rise of mild soap.

With this method, the first two steps can be repeated as needed for harder stains. However, this is not the most used option since peroxide does have a bleaching effect. It is not recommended for daily use when cleaning your baking sheet.

How Do You Get Grease Off of a Baking Sheet?

how to clean non stick baking sheets imageFor those stuck-on grease spots on your cookie sheet, the best options for non stick baking sheets is baking soda and vinegar. Let that solution sit for 30 min then gently rub off the residue. Vinegar is known for its ability to cut through grease like butter!

When wiping off the residue, use non-abrasive nylon scrubbers as they do not affect the non stick coating on your baking sheet.

How Can I Clean My Non Stick Baking Sheet Without Peroxide?

There are a handful of ways to clean baking sheets without using peroxide. As mentioned prior, baking soda and hot water, as well as baking soda and vinegar, are great substitutions!

The best and most used option for non stick would be baking soda with either hot water or vinegar. There is also another option of Vinegar and Cream of Tartar, which does take longer because the solution needs to sit for a long period of time. The end result though makes the pan look almost new.

Can I Clean My Cookie Sheets in a Self-Cleaning Oven?

Sadly, this is only an option for normal baking sheets. If you were to place your non stick pan in the self-cleaning oven the coating that is on top of the pan would begin to deteriorate after numerous exposures to excessive heat and the chemicals that are released are not safe.

Does Baking Soda Ruin Non Stick Pans?

Baking soda acts almost like a protective barrier for washing non stick baking sheets. Since the texture of baking soda is powdery, but still solid, it acts as a gentle scrub. Baking soda reduces the likelihood of damage occurring to your non stick baking sheets, so long as you use non-abrasive scrubbers as well. Non-abrasive scrubbers, or tools are used on non stick sheets to keep them in good shape.

Does Vinegar Ruin Non Stick Pans?

Just like Baking soda does not ruin baking sheets, neither does vinegar. Vinegar by itself is a weaker acid that will not harm the non stick coating! It may have a strong smell and be highly effective in breaking down stuck-on messes, but it does not remove your non stick coating or damage the sheet pan!

Final Thoughts

Cleaning non stick baking sheets is a fairly simple process. All you need is some baking soda and vinegar, water, or hydrogen peroxide! A simple sit and soak will help break up any stuck-on messes. Vinegar and water are often the best methods for cleaning non stick baking sheets as it’s the most gentle and can be used on a daily basis!

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