Steamer Pot for Crabs – A Comprehensive Guide to the Perfect Crab Dish!

As a seafood enthusiast, I am sure you must have tried cooking crabs or other seafood dishes at home and have not been satisfied with the results. If you are wondering why then it’s not your fault at all. Our standard cookware and skillets are not fit for the job. But don’t worry; enjoying the delicacies of your favorite savory seafood and crabs at your home has been made easier with a steamer pot for crabs. A dedicated steam crab pot makes it easy for you to cook large quantities of seafood in a single go with an unbeatable taste.

If you want to pick up the best steamer pot for making crabs, we have prepared a detailed guide to help you. Scroll down to choose the best steamer pot that gives you a great cooking experience while preparing flavorsome crabs and seafood dishes.

What to look for in a steamer pot for crabs?

Steamer Pot for Crabs image 3While preparing food at home, at a gathering, or in a hotel, using the appropriate cookware is essential. If you’ve ever tried steaming crabs for a large group of people, you’ll recognize the significance of a crab pot.

The following are the most crucial factors to consider while purchasing a new crab pot or substitute for an old one so that you don’t regret your decision.


Many buyers get overwhelmed with the variety of crab pots available. You will find stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium crab pots. Stainless steel pots are better than cheap aluminium pots, but you should still be cautious. Too many purchasers have lost their money by low-quality “stainless steel” pots.


Two primary metals are involved in the construction of crab steam pots, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Stainless steel pots are incredibly durable and heavier than aluminium; in contrast, aluminium crab pots are lightweight and instantly heat up their counterparts.

Since Stainless Steel crab pots are heavier, they are much more balanced. Its handles are also more robust due to the strength of the metal. On the other hand, Aluminum pots are light in weight. But the metal retains heat for a long time and is also perfect for steaming due to even heat distribution. Besides this, Aluminum pots are also prone to leaching and developing cracks due to overuse or corrosive ingredients.


When it comes to picking up the best steamer for making crabs, durability matters. There are two main issues buyers face with crab pots: they purchase flimsy stainless steel pots that develop tiny cracks and leak water or invest in cheap aluminium pots that fall apart. Investing in a crab pot that will break within a year is highly inadvisable.

Therefore, make sure you choose a lot that comprises a thicker and heavier metal. Thicker metals can also reduce pot damage risks due to corrosive ingredients.


Steamer Pot for Crabs image 2Whether you are preparing meals for yourself, a family dinner or a large gathering, get a perfect-sized crab pot. Your quantity is a significant factor in determining the size of the crab pot you choose. If you have minimal cooking needs or have a smaller household, you should buy a smaller pot with a capacity ranging from 10 quarts to 32 quarts. You cannot fit a large pot in your sink or your regular stove. Crab pots that come with a capacity of 80 quarts and higher will satisfy you if you have more extensive requirements.

Outdoor or Indoor usage: 

It can be challenging to handle a large crab pot that has a capacity of over 80 quarts at home or indoors. Similarly, using a smaller crab pot for outdoor or large gatherings can be pretty time-consuming. Before you purchase, think about where you will use it most frequently.

Cooking Speed: 

If you want to retain all the essential nutrients your seafood contains, experts, recommend shorter cooking times. Aluminium crab pots cook food rapidly. Although stainless steel crab pots are slower than aluminium ones, they hold the heat for longer.


Steamer crab pots can become extremely heavy when loaded with food. It gets hazardous to carry and move, mainly if the crab pot’s handle is flimsy. Preferably, you should look for a crab pot with a handle that is securely fastened with the pot. If you are confused between riveted handles and welded handles, always go for a riveted handle since they are relatively sturdier than welded handles.

Easy to Clean:

Every cook loves having a crab pot that is simple to clean. We advise hand washing because most crab pots are too large to fit in a dishwasher.


When you expose your crab pots to the flame or place them on the stove, crab pots can heat up instantly. We would highly advise you to pick crab pots with safety features. These features may include a sturdy handle, a well-covering lid, and a body that won’t melt under high heat. Steam can also lead to scalding. When you try to open a lid that doesn’t fit properly, hot steam may be directed toward your hand. A poor handle may lead to spillage, resulting in burns and metal melting. In severe circumstances, it might even ignite a fire.


The size of the pot decides its price. The larger the size, the more costly it will be for your cookware. Build and Materials are secondary factors when it comes to pricing. Higher prices may also give you additional accessories such as stockpots or spigots.

Don’t spend a considerable sum of cash while purchasing a crab pot. Take some time to specify your budget and browse the options available in the market. Do a comparative analysis of the best crab pots available. Take a wise decision that fits your cooking requirements without costing an arm and a leg.

Key features of a steamer pot for crabs

Many of you must wonder why you can’t choose a steamer pot to make delicious seafood and crabs. Below, we have discussed various vital features of a steamer pot for crabs that give them an upper hand and a competitive edge over traditional cookware.


Some lid covers have similar materials as crab pots, while others contain glass.

Glass lids have an excellent advantage that you can always keep a check on your food while it’s cooking. At the same time, the drawback is it is incredibly fragile.

Besides this, a good lid effectively confines the heat inside the pot while steaming or boiling crabs, lobsters and other seafood items. Cooking experts suggest buying crab pots that come with robust lids that can effectively withstand intense heat.


In order to minimize empty space in the crab pot during cooking, a strainer should fit tightly inside.

The most typical strainers are full-size ones, while some crab pots use inserts that slide into the lower part of the pot. For steaming, a strainer should have a secure lip or feet to keep it over the water level.


Most of the time, crab pots don’t even need any assembly. Crab pots that come with a portable propane burner element are an exception. Before using a crab pot set for the first time, ensure that you wash all of the components.

Extra Features:

Some crab pots incorporate handy accessories along with the pot, strainer, spigot and cover (and sometimes a propane burner element). These accessories may also include deep-fry thermometers to monitor cooking temperatures and extra stock pots with covers to prepare side dishes like potatoes or corn on the cob, in addition to the main course, i.e. your seafood.

How many crabs fit in a pot?

Steamer Pot for Crabs imageAn unwritten rule while cooking crabs is to cook between 1 to 1.5 crabs per quart. Remember that this is just a rough idea since crabs come in various sizes and shapes. As a result, some crabs might have more meat than others. Simply use this guide to determine the size of pot you need.

For example, A 24 quarts pot has the capacity to hold 24 size#1 crabs and 36 size#2 crabs. Similarly, an 80 quarts pot has a capacity to fit 80 size#1 crabs and over 120 size#2 crabs.

What is the best size for pots?

Crab pots come in a wide range of sizes. Hence, determining the best size for your pots comes down to your requirements. If you have a large family, you run a restaurant or perhaps are planning to cook outdoors; you will need a larger size.

In contrast, if you only cook for yourself or have a smaller household, a smaller size would do. The best size for the pots would be any size that perfectly caters to all your requirements. If you are shopping online, refer to the size charts to get the best idea.

Recommended tips while using steamer pots for crabs:

  • As you gear up for boiling crabs, bring your crab pot filled with salted water to boil. Then season it as per your preferences. Old Bay Seasoning is a tried and tested method while seasoning crabs. Add all the crabs once. As a consequence, you will be able to cook them evenly.
  • When the crabs begin to float, usually after 10 to 15 minutes, use tongs to remove them.
  • Be careful not to overheat the crab pots because some of them, particularly the aluminum ones, have rather low melting points.
  • Always buy the larger crab pot if you’re deciding between two distinct sizes because it will allow you to prepare for more people if necessary.
  • If you want to use your crab pot as a saucepan as well, make sure the bottom is thick enough to transmit heat properly; otherwise, you risk scorching your sauces.
  • When you want to steam food, the feet on a strainer not only provide stability but also offer a dependable space for boiling water.
  • If you wish to extend the durability and functionality of your steamer pots and achieve the best results, always read the instructions or a guide relevant to your steamer pot.


Can we use crab steamer pots only for cooking crabs?

Many people mistake crab steamer pots for exclusively cooking crabs. While this essential cookware is excellent for making delicious seafood, it might efficiently handle several other tasks in your kitchen. For instance, many people use these pots to make side dishes like vegetable pasta, steaming veggies like artichokes, cooking large quantities of soup, sauce or more. So, in reality, you are making a smart move while considering a crab pot.

What is the use of a spigot on the crab pot?

It might not be a standard feature of every crab pot, but many of them come with a spigot. If you struggle with draining the crab broth or other seafood broth while steaming them or boiling them, spigots may come to your rescue. It leaves all the sediment from the seafood behind and drains the leftovers. It is quite a handy way of emptying your crab pots.

Do you need a propane burner for crab pots?

If you love cooking outdoors near the coast or by the sea or using a large crab pot, you will need a propane burner. Propane burners prove extremely handy in an outdoor setting since they are windproof and waterproof. It also features an adjustable propane regulator that ensures a consistent heat supply. It allows you to enjoy an immersive cooking experience with a fully controlled burner and high BTU without any hindrances or leakages. Moreover, its portable and convenient design further facilitates you.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it; crab pots come packed with unique features that give them an upper hand over any other traditional cookware and help them stand out from the competition. These unique features enhance your cooking experience and add flavor to your seafood dishes. You can enjoy the authentic flavor and delicacies of crab and other seafood at your home in your special steamer pots for crabs. Happy Cooking!

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