The Best Ramekins Substitute

Souffles are the favorite dishes for many as they are incredibly delicious. These dishes are baked in small pans called ramekins, which, although they are very versatile and inexpensive, look very classic.  Let’s talk about the best ramekins substitute.

Muffin Tin Ramekins Substitute ImageUnfortunately, you won’t find a ramekin in my kitchen, talk less of my oven for baking or even on my counter. And I don’t think anyone conscious of maintaining a strictly contemporary kitchen or diner wants to turn to them.

My grandmother was fond of her souffles, and I acquired a 6-piece set from her. It only took me two weeks to realize why ramekins are now considered grandmother souffle-making bakeware. There are now so many ramekin alternatives in the kitchen that buying them would be a waste of money, in my opinion.

They looked too simple, traditional, and uncontemporary. And when I found that there are worthy options which I found to be far more functional and much more aesthetically pleasing, I could not help but share them with you!

What is a Ramekin?

I know you’re bent on finding out the best substitute for ramekins. However, I think it’s important you know what ramekins really are so that you can get a substitute that will is be similar in result.

Ramekins are primarily known as souffle dishes. They are small baking dishes often used to prepare and serve individual servings. Classic ramekin is white and cylindrical. It has deep vertical sides and a ridged exterior with a rounded lip.

They are special pans that are different from those used in the kitchen. They are used to create small cakes and are characterized by the presence of high edges that allow different preparations to rise accordingly.

As there is a wide variety of models, the cups are often sold in sets to ensure versatile use. Those for muffins and cupcakes can be about 3 to 5 cm in diameter. However, there are smaller solutions that allow you to prepare chocolates or mini-desserts.

Where Would You Use a Ramekins Substitute?

If ramekins are very versatile, then a ramekins substitute is twice as versatile! Ramekin substitutes are perfect for single-portioned soups and cakes or for serving nuts, sauces, and small sandwiches and even as a substitute for a mini prep bowl or salt shaker.

The ramekin alternatives, like real ramekins, are very versatile containers that you can use to bake or make many different foods, including custard, soufflés, or individual portions of gratin potatoes. They are also great for making mini lasagna!

The Little Differences in the Substitutes That Matter

Traditional ramekins used to be made mainly of ceramic. However, alternatives have different shapes, sizes, and colors to meet all needs. There are many types, and you need to carefully choose the one that best suits the type of dessert or savory snack you want to make.

Obtainable in different shapes

You can also find sets with mugs in different shapes. Asides from the classic round mugs, you can also find square and rectangular mugs. Classic ramekins usually come in round shapes. But now, these substitutes can help you take a break from monotonously shaped baking accessories.

Different types of materials

Materials affect costs. Ramekins usually come in porcelain. However, there are different types of mugs on the market and at home with different advantages and properties. Those who want to ensure better hygiene can now choose disposable products. There are also ramekin alternatives that you can reuse. You can tailor your preferences to meet personal needs and tastes. You can select kitchenware made of silicone, ceramic, aluminum, and baking paper. The first two options allow reuse, while for aluminum and baking paper, this is not possible.

Many colors to choose from

Design is another feature that makes ramekin alternatives lovely. They can be used as decorative items for the table, to show off your artistic and culinary skills, or to celebrate events. Therefore, you can use the different shapes and colors to enrich each dessert or savory snack with a little imagination.

What to Use in Place of Ramekins?

For those who despise the traditional ramekin types, finally, here are a few alternatives for ramekins.


Also ideal for making souffle, mugs, whether coffee mugs or teacups, make good substitutes for ramekins. This is because they are often also made of porcelain. Ensure the cups are small to medium-sized and are safe for the oven as well.

Wide glass or ceramic dish

For lovers of the French dish, creme brulee, a side dish made of glass or ceramic is another great option. However, note that you could get an undercooked or overcooked creme by using the wrong size of dish.

Muffin pan

I also often use muffin pans while baking lava cakes, and they turn out so well. However, the muffin pans may be a little bit smaller. So, instead of four large-sized ramekins, you can get six small-sized muffin pans.

Pyrex custard cups

This may be a surprising addition, but it’s an interesting option for those who like making souffles. The glass cups can be used in the oven and can be used for cooking varieties of dishes. The difference here is the custard cups curve outwards, unlike the classic ramekins with straight edges.


An oven-safe bowl also makes a great substitute for ramekins. Also, ensure the bowls are large-sized. You can also glaze the bowl before pouring the mixture. This can allow ease of lifting off the food.

Casserole dish

A flat and large casserole or baking dish can be a perfect option if you bake desserts a lot. These dishes may seem wider than the traditional ramekin. However, you need to reduce your recipe measurement.

Elevate Your Souffle’s Today!

As you can see, you don’t have to purchase a set of ramekins to enjoy your souffle dishes. You can find the perfect alternatives among your current collection of kitchenware. If you despise ramekins or simply want more versatility out of your bakeware, there are plenty of options available.

Through careful research and testing, you can rest easy knowing that these are the very best substitutes on the market today for traditional ramekins.

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