What is a Raclette Melter?

Have you seen those melted cheese videos going around? You know, the ones where waiters show up next to you at a restaurant with a wad of cheese that they scrape a melted layer off of? Well, this way of presenting and providing melted cheese didn’t just start happening. It actually came from the traditional Swiss dish known as raclette. The dish consists of melted cheese that you then scrape over potatoes or occasionally meat.  So, What is a Raclette Melter?

Raclette however is also a type of cheese (the type of cheese typically used in the traditional Swiss dish). So, put two and two together here. A Raclette Melter is essentially a cheese melter, but there’s more to it than that!

Is raclette a cheese or a dish?

Well, it’s actually both. Raclette stems from the French word meaning “to scrape”. The Swiss then took that and ran with it, creating a dish centuries of years old. In this traditional dish, raclette cheese is melted, but only the surface layers. That melted layer is then scraped off using a large knife and the cheese is draped over your dish.

Often, the cheese is draped over root veggies like potatoes or meats that have been cured. The cheese is still slightly firm, so it isn’t meant for dipping. It’s more like a melty, gooey, mess that makes your food taste incredible!

What does a Raclette Melter do?

What is a Raclette Melter ImageIn the old days, there wasn’t a fancy device to melt the cheese for you. So, people would hold their block of cheese over an open flame to melt the first few layers. Today, we have Raclette Melters. A Raclette Melter, as the name suggest, is a device that melts the top layer of a brick of raclette cheese. The device is fairly small and can sit on countertops without taking up too much space. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and concepts.

Some Raclette Melters are designed for that traditional feel of melting just the top layer of a brick of cheese. However, others are designed for you to slice off a sliver and melt it on the device, then slide of off the device onto the food. The more traditional devices resemble a heat lamp and melt the surface layer of cheeses quickly.

 What is the purpose of a Raclette Melter?

The purpose of a Raclette Melter is to melt a variety of cheeses to be draped atop your favorite dishes! These little gadgets make your life much easier as there’s no holding a wad of cheese over an open flame or risking burning the cheese. Your only job is to pop the cheese in place, let the heat lamp melt those first couple layers, and then scrape it off.

Raclette Melters add a unique touch to the cheese dishes you serve or create. They allow your waiters to give your customers a unique experience of watching you scrape the cheese off. It’s a mouthwatering experience that’ll please any guest!

How do you use a Raclette Melter?

Raclette Melters are incredible little devices that are so easy to use. Most of the devices are operated via a power outlet. It just has to be plugged in. Before you do that though, you want to choose your block of cheese. Raclette Melters can be used to melt really any kind of cheese even though traditionally raclette cheese was the prime choice.

Once you have chosen your cheese, you place it on the stand below the heat lamp. Then, you switch it on and let the heat lamp get to work! It doesn’t take long for the cheese to melt so stand close to avoid any burning or bubbling. You want your cheese to be melted, not charred!

From there, you can remove the block of cheese (carefully!) and scrape that melted layer over your food. You can do this in the kitchen or in front of your guests! Honestly, guests love to see this in action so it’s recommended to save it for the last minute.

Do you need a Raclette Melter for your restaurant?

What is a Raclette Melter pro ImageWhereas no, you don’t need it for your cheese dishes, it is a nice touch that not many restaurants have taken advantage of quite yet. This device will put you on the map as this traditional dish and way of serving cheese is gaining popularity. You can add some traditional dishes or even just add this as an extra that guests could purchase for their dishes!

Some popular items to put the melted cheese on include:

  • Potatoes
  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Pasta
  • Root veggies

Although it’s most popular on potatoes, melted cheese can really go on whatever you want! So, give your guests the option.

Can everyday families use Raclette Melters?

Anybody can purchase and use a Raclette Melter. You do not need to be a professional chef or own a fancy restaurant to add this fun experience to your meals. You do however need to be a cheese lover and enthusiast of the melted variety! Admittedly though, kids love to watch this process in action and you’ll feel like a 5-star chef the moment you use the device!

Keep in mind though, the Raclette Melter isn’t a cheap product. So you’ll have to determine if it’s really worth it for you and your family.

Final Thoughts

Derived from the traditional Swiss dish, Raclette Melters are ideal for restaurants who want to amp up their cheese-serving game. Customers love to see the cheese slide onto their plate right before their eyes. The device also makes it easy to melt the cheese in a matter of a minute! You can use the Raclette Melter in our home kitchen if you want to, but the devices aren’t cheap so be sure you’ll make use of it!


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