Ceramic Pot Pie Bowls: What Makes It the Right Choice?

We usually have a tradition in my family where we do a pot pie get together every summer. We try out different recipes. If I decide to count, it would be something around 9 or 10 different pot pies made. I use ceramic pot pie bowls to make my pies, after years of trying out many different pie bowls.

I learned about using ceramic after a visit to a friend’s place, and it was hard to miss that gorgeous ceramic bowl. The presentation was nice, hers had fluted edges and I was surprised that she brought it out straight from the oven to serve.

Are Ceramic Pot Pie Bowls the Ones to Get?

Personal Ceramic Pot Pie Bowls ImageOne thing you should know when buying your pot pie bowl is knowing what you will find in the market. You can find pie bowls in metal, glass, and ceramic material. This can sometimes make it confusing to make a decision. If you are like me, who probably is used to the classic metal cooking pans and bowls, you probably don’t know why most people choose any other type.

There has been a lot of debate about which cookware type is best for pies. What most people agree on is that you can make an amazing pie from these three materials. However, some flaws make one cookware material lead the rest. I have discovered that to be the ceramic pie bowls, and for good reason too.

Different qualities make a good pie pot, and you should choose the right one for baking. Not all cookware can produce the desired result, and you also need to consider other factors like durability, maintenance, etc.

When you choose the right pot pie bowl, it should serve you for a long time without any hassles. I will give a fair comparison of the other pie bowls to understand why I prefer ceramic to them. This way, you can tell what makes it stand out from other cookware sold today.


The metal pie pots are usually made from aluminum. They are the lightest material and work great for pies. Aluminum pies tend to heat up quickly and also cool down very quickly. They also are good for blind-baking or par-baking. The problem with this cookware is that it will scratch when you use your knife or metal utensil to dig into your pie. The scratching is almost unavoidable and eventually will damage the pot. Also, aluminum is not as durable as ceramic in this area.

There is also the problem of burning food and your pie sticking to the pan. Aluminum is also not very attractive, especially if you plan on serving your guests directly from the oven. You can’t keep an aluminum pie bowl in your refrigerator, especially with other food items, because it can contaminate them. Cleaning can also be a problem with aluminum, especially when you have burnt food. It would take some time to get difficult stains out.


Glass is another pie bowl that comes to mind for most bakers. Bakers buy it probably because it is cheap and the most common cookware. They can be used in the oven, but the problem with glass is that it cooks slowly. This can also be beneficial because your pie will cook evenly. However, glass is delicate, and when it slips, it will crack.

There is also a tendency for glass bowls to cause dough shrinkage when baking your pie. When you think your pie is looking good in the oven, it shrinks immediately when you take it out. Glass cookware is also not as durable as a ceramic pie bowl. Eventually, it would wear out or crack after some time.

Why You Should Get a Ceramic Pot Pie Bowl

Ceramic is my favorite material for many reasons, even though it can be more expensive than the other cookware. It is quality and one of the best choices among bakers. Ceramic has stood the test of time and works fine from oven to refrigerator.

Ceramic is a slow conductor of heat, and like glass, it cooks your food evenly. So, even at a very high heat temperature, your pot pie won’t come out burnt. Instead, it would give a golden-brown crust that adds to the taste.

One of the benefits of ceramic is its durability, and because of this, you can use it for years. Your ceramic will look as good as new even after many years of use. It is also non-stick, which makes it easy for your guests to cut into the pie. If you can’t finish it, you can store your leftovers in the freezer. You can also store your uncooked pie in your ceramic dish and cook later. Ceramic is a strong material and doesn’t crack easily.

Cleaning is also one of its major selling points. When you compare ceramic to aluminum, you will always choose a ceramic pie bowl. Aluminum will still have some of your food particles stuck to the bottom of the bowl. It will require some overnight soaking to get out the food particles off the bowl if it does get burnt.

However, with aluminum, you won’t have a problem cleaning your pie bowl. There are no difficult food particles to tackle, and the material is non-porous. Ceramic doesn’t keep food stains or even odor. This is one of the reasons why bakers prefer using ceramic over any other type of cookware.

Final Thoughts

I will recommend you get ceramic pot pie bowls when next you want to make a pie. It is the best type of cookware sold today, and you can never go wrong with this choice. Ceramic is durable and easy to bake with, as well as being microwave and oven safe.

When looking at its aesthetics, it is the most attractive-looking cookware. You can get a ceramic pie bowl in an array of attractive colors and designs. The best part is that after making your pie, you don’t need to transfer it, and you can serve your guests directly in it. It makes your pie look very attractive and adds to your food presentation.

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