Scanpan TechnIQ Review

Scanpan TechnIQ is a modern skillet designed by Danish Cookware designers. The long-lasting pan has all the qualities you need in a frying pan to cater to the crowd. It is non-stick with a high cooking performance.  Let’s dig into the Scanpan TechnIQ review.

What’s more? It’s made with high-quality materials, making the product durable with high heat retention properties. Scanpan TechnIQ is oven-safe up to 500°F and dishwasher friendly.

The multi-purpose pan ticks the boxes for many utilities with a warranty of almost a decade. The manufacturers have collaborated with Dutch designers to make this Scanpan.

Scanpan TechnIQ Steak imageThe frying pans are commercial-grade, non-stick, and everyday cooking pans with modern and fresh designs. However, their designs are better for browning than cooking because of the revolutionary Stratanium-Plus® coating, which provides ergonomic comfort.

The frying pan has many benefits and features, which we will discuss next in this Scanpan TechnIQ review.

Scanpan TechnIQ Review / Features

The following are the main features of Scanpan TechnIQ that distinguish it from the pan crowd.

●    Extra-Thick Base

Scanpan TechnIQ has an extra-thick base that provides equal heat and ensures food is evenly cooked without hotspots. The manufacturers made the extra-thick base with the help of a forged pressure which assures equal heat distribution.

●    Non-Stick Quality

It has a patented Stratanium-Plus nonstick cooking surface, which will never crack, peel, or break down. Moreover, it is made of 5-layer non-stick coating and pressure-cast aluminum, providing long-lasting durability. The ceramic-coated skillet is of professional quality and makes the Scanpan TechnIQ perfect for daily use in the kitchen. Anyone can use it, professionals, or not.

●    Low-Fat Cooking

Nonstick cookware is always famous for low-fat cooking. Scanpan TechnIQ allows you to use minimal oil and cook your food or brownies without sticking to the surface or burning. Therefore, it is the ideal utensil for cooking low-fat meals for your family.

●    PFOA-Free Non-stick Technology

PFOA is a substance used in making nonstick cookware. It can be harmful to human health and the environment. So all frying pans and non-stick cookware made after 2013 are PFOA-free.

Hence, Scanpan TechnIQ also uses nonstick technology, which is PFOA-free and gives you flawless release and faster cleanup.

●    Tempered-Glass Lid

Scanpan TechnIQ has a customized tempered-glass lid. This allows you to use the pan for steaming, simmering, and braising. However, you have to buy it separately from the pan.

●    Dishwasher Safe

Scanpan TechnIQ has a textured surface, which is easy to clean up and dishwasher safe.

●    Durability

The pan has the most durable nonstick finish that increases its lifespan. It also has a rounded base, which is feasible for easy turning and flipping over food.

●    Price

Scanpan TechnIQ ranges from $220 to $240 based on where you buy the product. You can also find a nearby store on their website or buy it online. The company also delivers cookware bought on its official website to customers.

●    Use and Care

You can use Scanpan TechnIQ on electric and gas cooktops. They are also safe up to 500°F in an oven or boiler. The manufacturers recommend not using aerosol cooking sprays with the Scanpan TechnIQ as it will cause the food to stick to the pan.

Meanwhile, you can replace your pans and cookware after every five years. This does not imply you cannot use the product longer.

Furthermore, Scanpan TechnIQ is dishwasher safe. However, to avoid scratches, you should not use steel scouring pads, harsh detergents, and steel wool on the pan.

The best cleaning item for this pan is a nylon scrubbing pad and friendly cleansers for stubborn food stains.


  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable
  • Stratanium+ nonstick Technology
  • Pressure cast Aluminum
  • Tempered-glass Lid
  • PFOA-free nonstick Technology
  • Equal heat distribution
  • Minimal Oil cooking


  • Nonstick can be damaged by using steel wool.
  • You have to buy the lid separately.

Scanpan TechnIQ and HaptIQ

Scanpan HaptIQ is the latest version with the advanced technology of Stratanium+ nonstick. TechnIQ also uses Stratanium+ nonstick technology, but HaptIQ has an advantage over others as an elegant mirror-view cookware collection.

However, they both are safe to use in the kitchen as they are PFOA-free and are professional-quality ceramic-coated skillets. In addition, their stainless steel handles make it easy for the chefs to tackle the cooking. Both are good for commercial use also.

Comparison of Scanpan and Teflon

Scanpan has ceramic-coated cookware, which is classified as more reliable and far safer than any other nonstick technology such as Teflon. The ceramic-coated cookware also performs extraordinarily well in the form of nonstick than Teflon.

Scanpan Cookware Collection

Scanpan has ten lines of non-stick cookware with different price ranges. They include Scanpan Classic, Scanpan Classic Induction, Scanpan Professional, Scanpan ProIQ, Scanpan CTX, Scanpan CS+, Scanpan HaptIQ, Scanpan Maitre D’, and Scanpan TechnIQ.

Can You Use Scanpan TechnIQ in Commercial Kitchens?

For a long-lasting pan in commercial kitchens, go for Scanpan TechnIQ. You can keep the pan simmering over smearing temperatures on and off without difficulty.

Moreover, it is dishwasher safe with increased non-stick life. However, you should avoid using harsh detergents when cleaning the cookware.


1.   Is Scanpan TechnIQ harmful to health?

Many people believe nonstick cookware is hazardous to health, but a few are safer than others. Scanpan TechnIQ is PFOA-free, nonstick technology made up of Stratanium, which is safer than other nonstick cookware.

2.   What made Scanpan TechnIQ different from other Scanpan cookware lines?

Scanpan TechnIQ uses pressure-cast aluminum and Stratanium nonstick technology. Moreover, the manufacturers have a team of experts that lead the manufacturing process.

In addition, the designers have worked with many specialists to produce the Scanpan TechnIQ series. It has equal heat distribution because of an extra-thick aluminum base forged pressure.

3.   What is the cooking performance of Scanpan TechnIQ?

Scanpan TechnIQ has precise temperature control and good heat retention. Moreover, the equal heat distribution gives an extraordinarily good cooking performance.

4.   What is the difference between Stratanium and Stratanium+?

Stratanium is a traditional nonstick technology with a fine texture and helps deglaze, smear, and braise food efficiently. Stratanium+ is more rigid than steel and is 50% more durable than simple Stratanium.

Moreover, it gives exceptional smearing of the food and perfect food release. Therefore, the Stratanium+ is ideal for professional use with the extra textured surface. The micro-holes in the surface make it a classic griddle pan for searing and browning.


Scanpan TechnIQ Egg sliding outScanpan TechnIQ is a famous set by Scanpan, serving the best food taste. It has the best non-stick material, which is perfect for cooking using the Stratanium non-stick technology.  We trust out Scanpan TechnIQ review has been helpful.

The frying is a professional-quality ceramic-coated skillet, making it perfect for daily use in your kitchens.

Most nonstick pans have a smooth and less-textured surface which is ideal for sliding eggs but unsuitable for smearing and browning. However, Scanpan TechnIQ beats this. Aside from being the ideal frying pan for your omelet, it is suitable for smearing and browning.

It also has a textured surface and rounded bottom with an extra-thick base, making it perfect for food release and deglazing. Furthermore, it is PFOA-free and is optimal for low-fat cooking.

The Scanpan TechnIQ has no cover, but you can also buy a tempered-glass lid for your frying pan for steaming and smearing food.

In addition, it is dishwasher safe. However, you should use gentle detergents or steel wool to clean the pan. For cleaning purposes, it’s best to use nylon scrub bars to clean a Stratanium non-stick pan.

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