The 5 Inch Square Ceramic Baking Dish

The Perfect Baking Dish for College Students and Couples: The 5 Inch Square Ceramic Baking Dish

As a college student, did you ever find yourself craving a nice, home-cooked meal? So, you go out and buy all the ingredients you need to start whipping it up only to realize that you can not eat an entire cornbread casserole by yourself!  You need a 5 Inch Square Ceramic Baking Dish.

5 Inch Square Ceramic Baking Dish Image 2Or maybe you come from a large family, and you find it strenuous to cook for just you and your spouse. Many of us know the struggle. I have the perfect dish to fit your one to two-person household, a 5-inch square ceramic baking dish.

A 5-inch square ceramic baking dish is the perfect size for singles and couples. It is just big enough to fill every person’s belly, but not so big that you have to eat the same thing all week long!

Keep reading to find out how to use your small ceramic baking dish!

About the 5 Inch Square Ceramic Baking Dish

What do you need to know about the 5-inch square ceramic baking dish? Below are just a few of the many discoverable features.


As expected, the 5-inch square ceramic baking dish is ceramic! Ceramic baking dishes are super customary in most households; they are common because of their features and availability. Ceramic baking dishes were once considered the more sophisticated option out of the other materials such as glass, metal, stainless steel, etc.

As ceramic bakeware has become easier to produce and manufacture, they have become prevalent in almost all homes. Bakeware made of ceramics is sought after because of its durability, non-stickiness, and appearance.


5-inch square ceramic baking dishes are durable because of their ceramic materials. Durability means “the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage.” This baking dish can withstand all temperatures making it dishwasher-safe, microwavable-safe, oven-safe, refrigerator-safe, freezer-safe, and oven-safe (up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit).

Ceramic bakeware also can withstand damages. Unlike metal bakeware, you can use metal utensils with ceramic bakeware. And because of this baking dish’s ceramic glaze, it is chip-resistant, dent-resistant, and stain-resistant.


A 5-inch square ceramic baking dish is capable of many things that make it great. This square baking dish can hold anywhere from two to nine cups of volume. The volume is dependent on the baking dish’s depth. Some 5-inch square bakeware comes with a deeper depth than other square bakewares.

Smaller square bakeware also has the potential to bake your food evenly. Due to its ceramic material, which conducts and retains heat gorgeously. Also, due to its small size. The small size, in addition to the material, allows food and meals to heat up quickly and evenly.

5-inch square ceramic baking dishes are also known to be trouble-free when it comes to cleaning up. The non-stick glaze also bakers to easily wipe away food residue. By using warm water and a soft scrubbing agent, bakers can clean up expeditiously.

Others enjoy their 5-inch baking dish because of its versatility. Ceramics are manufactured to have a pleasurable design. This makes serving food and baking food easier for those who do not like the hassle of washing up.

Who Can Benefit & Why

Firstly, understand that ANYONE can use a 5-inch square ceramic baking dish, and EVERYONE should try using one at least once. However, there are specific benefits for each person or family.


Those who live alone and cook for one can directly benefit from a 5-inch square ceramic baking dish. When you only have to cook for one person, it can be hard to justify using a large 9×13 casserole pan.

Large casserole pans are great if you are cooking for a family or crowd, but not for a single person. By using a 5-inch baking dish, single people can cook their meals knowing that they will not have to throw away any unwanted leftovers.

College Students

College students are another individual that can use a smaller baking dish. Similar to single people, college students typically do not cook for a large crowd. Possibly, they may cook for roommates, but more commonly just for themselves.

Most college students either live in a dorm or with roommates. When you live in a small room or with another person, space can get cramped very quickly. That is why a small 5-inch dish is perfect for college students. Students can use the baking dish in the microwave because most dorms do not come with ovens.

This baking dish is also smaller than most dishes, making storage a lot more convenient. Students do not have to worry about not having room to store a 5-inch square baking dish.

Couples & Families

A 5-inch ceramic baking dish is the ideal size for fixing sides, lunches, and desserts. It is easy to throw veggies into a smaller baking dish to cook while frying chicken or putting a crockpot meal on. For people who are only cooking for two, this is a great asset to have in the kitchen.

Even though it is more essential in small households, it still works with families as well. If you are looking to make an appetizer, try this small baking dish! Its size is best for quick smaller food items. It can also double as a serving dish which is better for appetizers and dips.

How To Use It

There are a multitude of meals, sides, desserts, and appetizers that you can use with your 5-inch square ceramic baking dish. The following food items are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the possibilities

  • Bread
  • Sides
    • Roasted Vegetables
    • Mac and Cheese
    • Dips and Sauces
  • Meals for One5 Inch Square Ceramic Baking Dish Multi Color Image
    • Lasagnas
    • Casseroles
    • Pot Pies
  • Deserts
    • Fudge
    • Brownies
    • Cakes
    • Cobblers

Pick one of the above and get ready to cook! Don’t have a 5-inch ceramic baking dish? What are you waiting for?!

Check your local housewares store and let us know if this article convinced you that the 5-inch ceramic baking dish is for your household!

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