Vintage Ceramic Pie Plates With Lids

Why Vintage Ceramic Pie Plates With Lids Are the Perfect Bakeware Accessory

Technology has shown us that as time goes by, things only improve and get better. We went from bag phones to handheld computers! Technology advancements have made life drastically easier for individuals. Can we say the same thing about other evolved products?  Like vintage ceramic pie plates with lids for example.

vintage ceramic pie plates with lids image 1How about bakeware accessories? Specifically, how about vintage ceramic pie plates? Have we as a society improved the quality of life by changing and evolving our bakeware accessories?

Vintage refers to anything made 40 to 100 years before the current year. With this being said, vintage pie plates are bakeware accessories that were popular during the year 1921 to the year 1981.

Let us convenience you why ceramic vintage pie plates are just as good now as they were then and why they are the perfect bakeware accessory!

Read below to find out more!

The Materials Are Practically the Same

There have been many advancements in the bakeware community, including the materials. While we still use the same materials (for example, metal, glass, stainless steel, etc.), the process for creating these pieces of bakeware has changed in many ways.

We now have technological development that allows us to create more in a shorter amount of time. Not only can we produce quicker, but we are also able to control the quality of the materials better.

Vintage ceramic pie plates are made from ceramics, just as the name suggests. Ceramic was popular then and now! Ceramic bakeware is popular because it excels in heat conduction.

Pie plates made of ceramics heat up slower, but they retain their heat for longer; this is a great feature for those baking pies. After removing the pie from the oven, it will stay warm for a long time. You no longer have to worry about your pie burning while keeping warm in the oven.

The material, ceramic, can also handle the high heat of the oven extremely well. Another great attribute of a vintage ceramic pie plate is its ability to handle freezing temperatures too!

The Design is Timeless

Vintage ceramic pie plates often came with a lid. Ceramic lids not only looked great, but they aided in the cooking process. Lids made of ceramic were superior because they could also handle the same temperatures as the pie plate itself.

The ceramic pie plate lid trapped steam. By trapping steam, pies would remain moist andvintage ceramic pie plates with lids image 3 not dry out too quickly. Pies with a top crust can be temperamental because they are easy to burn. The lid also prevented the crust from becoming burnt.

Vintage ceramic pie plates with lids made traveling easier. Whether you are traveling in 1950 or 2017, traveling with food is never uneventful. Traveling with food is often stressful because you want to avoid spills, messes, and accidents. With a lid, you are sure to keep everything inside the ceramic pie dish.

Vintage ceramic lids were also never dull. You’ll notice that vintage ceramic pie plates with lids are never boring because they have so much character. Vintage pie plates often have bright colors, funky designs, and creative sculpting’s.

Many ceramic pie plates were designed to look like actual pies! It was common to see a vintage ceramic pie plate that was shaped and colored to look like a crust. Similarly, a ceramic lid that had fruit, lattice tops, or other food-based designs.

A design that you do not see too often nowadays can be found at the bottom of a vintage pie plate. Many vintage ceramic pie plates had a pie recipe painted on the bottom of the pie plate itself! What better way to always remember a recipe?!

Where to Buy Vintage Ceramic Pie Plates with Lids

Unfortunately, pie plates are not produced in the same manner nor are they designed in the same fashion nowadays. It can be laborious to buy anything vintage that is of good quality.

Although it may be difficult, it is not impossible. Most small towns and big cities have thrift stores and antique stores. Vintage is making a comeback, after all!

Take a Saturday to search your town or city for vintage ceramic pie plates with lids. Shopping in many stores can be draining and time-consuming.

If it is too much trouble to search store to store, try researching vintage ceramic pie plates with lids online!

Try searching the following websites:

Why Are Ceramic Vintage Pie Plates with Lids the Perfect Bakeware Accessory?

vintage ceramic pie plates with lids image 2Ceramic vintage pie plates with lids are the perfect bakeware accessory for many reasons. Vintage ceramic pie plates are made from the same materials that are still used today. It should be encouraging to know that we have not deviated from the same material. Why has the material not changed? Because ceramics are just that good!

Vintage pie plates with lids are a great addition to your bakeware collection because they are a great talking point. Vintage pie plates will catch anyone’s eye due to their design, colors, and overall appearance. When something looks that good, it makes the perfect serving dish.

On a more emotional note, vintage ceramic pie plates with lids are great because they elicit a feeling of nostalgia that is good for the soul. It would make a fantastic gift for someone who used it growing up.

Have we convinced you yet? Will you buy vintage ceramic pie plates with lids? Let us know!

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