8 Inch Ceramic Pie Dish

The Most Versatile Pie Dish

Time to talk to all the pie lovers out there. When it comes to baking pies, there are a lot of8 inch ceramic pie dish blue pie dishes to choose from. Pie dishes come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. It’s hard to know which one is the best!  Let me convince you that an 8 inch ceramic pie dish is the best dish of them all and perfect for your baking needs.

Typically, the average size of pies is 8 inches to 9 inches. Not only is it the most common size of pies, but its size makes it perfect for other meals as well! An 8 inch ceramic pie dish is versatile and easy to use for all levels of bakers.

8 Inch Ceramic Pie Dish

Why is this the best pie dish? Those who need durable bakeware will love ceramic pie dishes. The stoneware construction and the ceramic glaze provide a resistant surface and a heavy-duty core.

The ceramic coating is stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. It is easy to scrape, scrub, and serve from an 8-inch ceramic pie dish because the surface is extremely resistant to damage. The ceramic glaze is also nonstick. A nonstick surface is a must for baking!

Not only is the surface resistant to damage, but the dish itself is chip-resistant and resistant to high temperatures. With an indestructible construction, it requires a lot of force to create chips and cracks in a ceramic pie dish. The stoneware core also creates a resistance to high temperatures. On average, ceramic pie dishes can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

8 inch ceramic pie dish apple pictureAn 8 inch ceramic pie dish is safe to use in a variety of temperatures. Ceramic pie dishes are often safe to store in a freezer. Not only can it withstand freezing temperatures, but it is also safe to use in an oven and microwave. If you are like many bakers, then you do not like washing dishes! Luckily, many ceramic cookware pieces are dishwasher safe as well! Sometimes dishwasher safety can be a deal-breaker, there is no need to worry with most 8-inch ceramic pie dishes.

Ceramic pie dishes supply even bakes for their contents. The sturdy core produces a consistent heat distribution. It is because of this heat distribution that people use these ceramic dishes for pies and other dense meals.

In comparison to glass and metal, ceramic cookware pieces are made more eye-catching. A ceramic glazed pie dish is perceived as more sophisticated than other materials. This sized ceramic pie dish makes food look more appealing. Not only does the ceramic pie dish cook food evenly, but the cooking dish works as a serving platter as well. Because it is created to look refined, ceramic dishes look great as a serving plate as well. You can move it straight from the oven to the table.

Most pre-made pastry crusts are molded for 8-inch and 9-inch pies. An 8-inch ceramic pie dish is perfect because bakers can skip the pastry-making process. This ceramic cookware piece can shave a third of the baking time by using premade pastry made for its shape!

Which Ceramic Pie Dish Feature is For You?

If you’ve decided to go with an 8″ pie dish, then now it’s time to find one with your favorite added feature. Not all pie dishes are created equal. Each one is unique and has something different to offer.


Almost all ceramic cookware pieces will come in a variety of colors. Depending on the brand you choose, there can be more or fewer colors to choose from. Colored ceramic cookware pieces are perfect for the following options:

8 inch ceramic pie dish yellow imageA colored ceramic pie dish can add a whole new experience to your meal. Colored ceramic pie dishes make great gifts! Green or red for Christmas gifts, white ceramics for weddings, etc. Find out the kitchen colors for a new homeowner or match your kitchen colors!


8-inch ceramic pie dishes come in many shapes; specifically, rim shapes. A flat rim ceramic pie dish is perfect for the more mundane bakes. A flat rim ceramic pie dish can be used for the following:

  • Everyday Use
  • Everyday Meals

Meals such as quiches and pot pies will work best with a flat rim because the edges do not have to be raised or shaped, but they can be. With a flat rim, there is less decorating and shaping for bakers who need to work fast.


Ruffled rims are the most common rims on a ceramic pie dish. Ruffles provide a shape to the pie pan that offers guidance and pazazz. Some rims are fluted. Fluted rims are a more dramatic ruffled rim. Ruffled and fluted rims are perfect for the following:

  • Crust Work
  • Serving Dishes

For novice bakers, a fluted rim could be a lifesaver. A fluted rim provides a guide for shaping pie crusts. Due to their flare, these rims offer a more stylish serving vessel.

What to Do With Your 8 Inch Ceramic Pie Dish

There are many uses for an 8-inch ceramic pie dish. They are not only for pies! Bakers can use ceramic pie dishes for savory and sweet pies, such as chicken pot pie, meat pies, fruit pies, and chocolate pies.

Other sweet dishes include cinnamon rolls and sweet biscuits. Savory dishes such as quiches and turkey puff pastries.

Whether it has colors, flat rims, ruffled rims, or fluted rims, an 8-inch ceramic pie dish is versatile and easy to use!

What are you going to bake with your 8 inch ceramic pie dish?

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