Decorative Ceramic Bakeware: Why should I Buy it?

There are weekends when I have a small to do list, and think to myself, “I could probably bake a cake for my kids.” I can do that because there’s a decorative ceramic baking pan lying around just waiting to be used. It is attractive and alluring bakeware, and I find every little excuse to use it, always choosing it over most of my bakeware.

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about whether decorative ceramic bakeware is worth it? I know that if you get ceramic bakeware, you won’t want to give up cooking or baking. However, this bakeware takes away the hassle of cleaning, and maintenance is easy when you use ceramic.

If you are finding it difficult to choose which bakeware to get, you should read on as I bring out the unique qualities of decorative ceramic bakeware.  Plus, it looks great in your kitchen!

Why Choose Ceramic Bakeware Over Traditional Non-Stick Options?

If you are used to your non-stick pans, you may be reluctant to switch to ceramic, but that is because you don’t know how much better ceramic bakeware is. If you are attached, it is understandable because I’ve been there.

Here are some reasons why I think ceramic bakeware is better than regular non-stick pans.


Ceramic bakeware is beautiful, and I love that there are various options when it comes to colors. However, it is not just the color that makes it unique, because sometimes we buy pretty but not functional things.

This is not the case with decorative ceramic bakeware because it is versatile. You can find so many uses for it in your kitchen. There’s hardly a time; you won’t need to use your ceramic when cooking.


It’s not a decorative piece where you can just serve your freshly baked bread, but it can do all of the cooking from start to finish. You can’t say the same for a non-stick pan.

It does a lot more than the traditional non-stick pan, and you would end up using your ceramic bakeware more often than the other. The non-stick pan has a smooth surface, but unlike ceramic, it is not scratch resistant.

After extended use, you would notice the scratches, and eventually, food will start sticking to the pan. However, the decorative ceramic bakeware is more durable than the traditional non-stick pan and won’t give scratch marks.

Non-Stick Option

Food won’t get stuck to your ceramic, and you can get every single food substance out of it without having to scrape your bakeware. So, for example, if you are baking cake when it is time to get it out of the pan, the normal process will allow the pan to cool down, and then you flip it, and the cake will simply drop on the plate.

If you use ceramic bakeware, it will come out smoothly in one flip, but it is not the same with a non-stick pan. You will need a knife to aid it before it can come out fully on the plate.

You will also notice that there are still chunks of cake stuck to the bottom of the non-stick pan. However, with the ceramic bakeware, you won’t see any food particles after transferring the cake.

Easier to Clean

Another reason why I will choose decorative ceramic bakeware over non-stick is because of the cleaning process. I feel this is the major selling point for ceramic bakeware generally.

Not everyone likes to do dishes, and worse is when you have to deal with burnt food. If you use ceramic bakeware, you won’t need to soak your pan or stay all night scrubbing it.

It is so easy cleaning it, and your pan looks as good as new. It also doesn’t leave any marks after washing, unlike the non-stick, which will eventually have some scratch marks from cleaning it.

Ceramic Vs. Glass Bakeware

I will choose ceramic over glass for my cooking for many reasons. In the past, glass was rarely used for cooking because of its delicate nature. However, it can now be used in the oven thanks to the introduction of borosilicate glass.

However, when it comes to safety, ceramic comes first because it is made from clay. Therefore, this bakeware is both safe and healthy for cooking.

Glass, on the other hand, will crack easily, especially when it drops on the floor. So you can’t always be too careful when using glass bakeware. In terms of quality, ceramic bakeware is more durable and is a better option.

What to Know Before you Buy a Decorative Ceramic Bakeware

Ceramic bakeware is a healthy choice when compared to other types of bakeware. It is lighter in weight and a more durable option. The best part about it is that you can use it for baking and also serving your guests. It is the most attractive of all bakeware with its fantastic choice of colors.

If you have decided to get decorative ceramic bakeware, here are some things you should know about this awesome bakeware.

  • You can bake over low or medium heat using ceramic.
  • It spreads heat evenly, and your food will be properly cooked.
  • Ceramic bakeware is versatile and can also be used as serving pans
  • It is durable and will hardly get damaged
  • Don’t use metal utensils on your ceramic bakeware.
  • Cook with butter or oil and not cooking sprays.


If you are looking for the best for baking, I recommend getting decorative ceramic bakeware for your kitchen. Ceramics are not only attractive, but you will enjoy using this item in your home. In addition, they are one of the safest and healthiest cookware to own.

Ceramic is better than non-stick pans, glass, and even metal bakeware. Also, getting ceramic bakeware will be a great choice, especially if you want to enjoy your casseroles, cakes, and pies. They are non-stick and very easy to clean, as we have mentioned.

I have had my ceramic bakeware for years and won’t trade it for any other bakeware. However, if you love to bake a lot, you should certainly get ceramic bakeware for your kitchen.

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