Good Cook Ceramic Bakeware: Why It Should Be a Staple in Your Kitchen

Gluten-free cooking has been my go-to option for several years now. The downside is that I have to struggle with getting the right shape for my foods since most of my recipes lack ingredients that make foods stick together. The shape thing pops up when I have to bake cakes, bread, and muffins.  For this reason, I’ve always struggled with the right choice of bakeware for my dishes. I never realized what a difference the right bakeware can make until Good Cook ceramic bakeware was recommended on one of my favorite gluten-free baking websites.

Good Cook Ceramic BakewareEach time I use the bakeware, I end up with a perfectly shaped cake and bread that isn’t soggy in the middle (something I always struggled with while using other bakeware). My first bread with this bakeware came out perfectly without leaving any mess by the side.

There’s a lot of good that comes with using this for gluten-free baking, and I can’t wait to share it with gluten-free recipe lovers like myself.

What Does the Good Cook Ceramic Bakeware Offer?

The good cook ceramic bakeware is a 13 by 9 “casserole” pan, but you can use it for baking a wide variety of dishes. I’ve tested it with 15 different recipes since I got mine, and they came out perfectly fine. The bakeware is large and can hold large-sized baking items. This includes bread, whole chicken, and even lasagna.

I love the fact that this is made from stoneware and not from porcelain. This is because I’ve found stoneware to be more durable and have perfect heat distribution. Stoneware bakeware are built to withstand intense heat, and you can easily subject them to various heat conditions.

The usage of this bakeware isn’t limited to the oven alone. So far, I have tested it on the microwave and used it to store foods in a freezer. The coating doesn’t peel off, and there’s little risk of finding metallic chips in your food.

The non-stick surface also means your dish will come out clean. This is important for gluten-free baking as most dishes tend to stick to the underside of the baking pan or even disassemble as they’re forced out of the pan. I didn’t experience that while using the pan. My banana bread popped out almost immediately.

Even when you end up with a mess, it’s easy to clean. You can either wipe it clean with soap and water or throw it into your dishwasher. However, when baking, you have to consider the size of the bakeware.

Ensure you don’t pour in more than the quantity the bakeware can hold.

The only pitfalls associated with this is that there are limited color options. It seems there’s only one color variant – which is red. This puts a limitation on your styling option.

What Are Their Best Features?

I know I have emphasized its usage for gluten-free baking, but this is not what the bakeware is about. It has some unique features that make it perfect for day-to-day baking.

No matter what the occasion is, opting for the right bakeware will impact the appearance of the food.

Thick Design for Even Heat Distribution

One big advantage of its thick design offer is equal heat distribution. This means you won’t overcook your dishes. This also means the heat is retained within the bakeware for a long time. This makes the bakeware perfect for storage.

Perfect For Gluten-Free Baking

Gluten-free foods are free from protein gluten. This is the ingredient found in wheat and cereals that make foods sticky. Foods free from gluten struggle to stay glued together; hence, it’s difficult for them to retain their shape.

However, using this bakeware minimizes the risk of baked foods getting soggy in the middle. A lot of the gluten-free dishes I tested this with popped out without getting stuck to the pan.

Handles For Portability

The handles that come with the bakeware are very comfortable to grip. They aren’t slippery, and they support the bulky nature of the bakeware. This makes it easier to remove your baked food from the oven.

What Won’t You Like About This Set?

Well, the non-stick factor of the pan weakens after a while. The first few weeks I used this to bake my banana bread, they popped out to give a flawless finish. However, it’s no longer like that. I have to pre-season the pan with oil to get a perfect shape.

Also, the non-stick surface of the bakeware doesn’t support the use of metallic utensils. A few friends complained about scratches. Hence, anytime you bake with this set, ensure you use only wooden utensils.

Well, I know I mentioned that stoneware could withstand high temperatures in the oven. However, you should only use them within the recommended temperature range. Anything beyond its limit, the bakeware might crack.

Lastly, a lot of people might have issues with the weight of the bakeware. The handle is there to help you lift it but compared to other ceramics bakeware within its price range, Good Cook bakeware is bulky.

What Can You Make with This Bakeware?

In general, you can cook a lot of dishes with this ceramic bakeware. I make my bread here, but I have also used it to make lasagna and pies a few times.

You can also cook all types of casseroles here – beef, Mexican, rice, seafood. Name it. You can prepare it all with this bakeware.


The good cook ceramics bakeware is rectangular. Hence all the dishes you will be making will be of this shape. The bakeware is said to be “dishwasher” safe, but I prefer to hand wash mine. This is because washing in a dishwasher tends to reduce the lifespan of the bakeware and exposes it to corrosion.

Lastly, the bakeware is lead-free, but you might not want your kids near it because of its weight. But, overall, this is the best ceramic bakeware I’ve found for gluten-free cooking.

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