How To Clean Burnt Greenpan

If you have some experience in the kitchen, you’re probably familiar with the various pots, pans, and dishes used in cooking, baking, or broiling. Over time, you or someone you know may have owned or have used a Greenpan or similar ceramic-coated cookware. These pans are incredibly versatile and are great for all kinds of cooking.  Today we’ll talk about how to clean burnt Greenpan.

When I first started learning how to cook, the uses and amount of kitchen utensils seemed overwhelming. Aside from discovering recipes, gathering ingredients, and following directions, learning how to maintain my cookware was a whole different side to my limited culinary understanding.

If you’re new to cooking, then don’t worry about where you’re at or what you still have to learn. If you keep at it, you’ll find what cooking styles work best for you. You’ll grow your skills, and you’ll be making wonderful dishes, all while learning how to utilize and maintain the diverse types of cookware.

Understanding the Utensils

Most of my prior experience in the kitchen has been with washing the dishes. This has helped me learn about the many different types of material used and the purposes of various pots and pans.

Stoneware, earthenware, stainless steel pots, porcelain dishes, cast iron skillets, and non-stick pans were commonly found in or near the sink following a family meal. While I was growing up, Mom gave my siblings or me the task of ensuring they were properly cleaned and put away.

Over time, I learned that each one came with specific rules on how to cook with them as well as how to clean them. Cast iron was cleaned with a sturdy scrub brush with a mild soap. Metal pots and pans could be taken care of in a matter of seconds with a scrub brush, dish soap, and warm water, while we simply loaded dishwasher-safe items in the dishwasher rack.

Intro to Ceramics

Some of the dishes that my family owned were made of porcelain and other types of ceramic materials. Food would sometimes burn and leave marks on the pan. Dish soap wouldn’t always get the job done. Instead, my mother would heat water for me to use. Using a sponge with hot water, I would then remove the tough, stuck-on spots from the pan.

When I had to clean the ceramic dishes, it made me wonder why we were even using ceramic in the first place. My experience has led me to research more about the origin, features, and maintenance associated with the different ceramic cookware brands. Let’s look at a few reasons behind the usage and preservation of ceramics in cooking.

What is Ceramic Cookware?

how to clean burnt greenpan image 2Before digging into how to clean burnt Greenpan let’s first get some ceramic background. Cooking with ceramics has been around for a long time. Dating back thousands of years, ceramics have been used for boiling, braising, and stewing throughout human history. Whenever I hear the word ceramics, the first thing that comes to mind is the art class I took in high school.

I remember pinching clay into little pots or wheeling it into bowls and firing my creations in a kiln. These usages of ceramic materials are more traditional or artistic in nature and aren’t quite the same as the ceramic cookware we have today. Although my school project’s dishes were made of inorganic materials and were usable in the kitchen, the modern description of ceramic cookware is quite different.

Ceramic cookware typically consists of metallic pots and pans with an inner ceramic coating. The base of these pans is metal. Ceramic coatings are great for cooking because of their non-stick properties. The Greenpan is one of the finest ceramic-coated pans you can buy on the market today.

Features of Ceramic Cookware

Several advantages come with ceramic cookware. First, the metal base is great for conducting heat. The metal, combined with the ceramic layering, allows you to use less heat and still thoroughly cook your food.

The ceramic coating is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Ceramic is also non-reactive. This means that the ceramic coating won’t seep into your food. Another nice feature is that these pans tend to be notably lighter in weight than cast iron or other cookware.

Ceramic-coated pans are non-stick. They require lower amounts of oil or butter compared to traditional pans. In turn, this makes ceramic cookware healthier to eat from. The coating is also scratch-resistant to stand up to tough cooking.

how to clean burnt greenpan infographicHow To Clean Burnt Greenpan – Caring For and Cleaning Your Greenpan

Check the label of your ceramic coated pan to see if it’s dishwasher safe. Can GreenPan go in dishwasher?  Greenpan and other ceramic-coated pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher but are best cleaned and maintained by hand.  We always clean by hand to prevent scratching and over heating.

If left at high heat, cooking oil, food, and grease can meld to the coating. This can leave dark burn marks in your pan. Similar to my experience given earlier, conventional soap might not be enough for the task.

how to clean burnt greenpan image 1Removing the spots can be done by following these steps:

  1. Rinse The Pan Clean From Any Remaining Food Particles (Soak for a few hours for stubborn food particles.)
  2. Place The Pan On The Stove
  3. You Can Use Water Alone, Or A Mixture That Is 1 Part Water And 4 Parts Vinegar
  4. Heat The Pan On Low Until It Starts To Simmer
  5. Simmer For Up To 5 Minutes
  6. Wait For It To Cool
  7. Take A Sponge To The Ceramic Surface And Remove The Burned-On Material
  8. Repeat Until Fully Clean

We also recommend Bar Keepers Friend for a mild scrubbing.  A question that has come us is: Can I use magic eraser on GreenPan?  The short answer is yes!

Final Thoughts

It’s important to find high-quality pots and pans for use in the kitchen. Greenpan and ceramic-coated cookware are certainly the best available options. These pans are easy to use and are great alternatives to traditional pans.

Non-stick Greenpan cookware has a revolutionary coating that you can count on. These products are coated and cured with Thermolon, which is safe and provides even-heating technology that allows for a complete and worry-free cooking experience.

In my experience, knowing what you cook with is safe and helps make delicious dishes makes all the difference. So give Greenpan a try today and see the benefits of quality, healthy, and safe cookware for yourself.  We home this post on how to clean burnt Greenpan helped.

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