Individual Ceramic Pot Pie Pans and Why They Make the Perfect Kitchen Accessory

What makes a great appetizer and helps chefs avoid cross-contamination? Individual Ceramic Pot Pie Pans!

Pie Image Individual Ceramic Pot Pie Pans

Individual Ceramic Pot Pie Pans are a great addition to any kitchen. These are great for when you need mini versions of the main dish. Pot Pies are delicious, warm, and the ultimate comfort food. It makes a great combo.

Find out below why you should buy Individual Ceramic Pot Pie Pans, where to buy them, and what to make in them!


Individual Ceramic Pot Pie Pans

Mini pot pie pans aren’t just for pot pie, and they don’t just come in ceramic! There are many reasons why this specific pie pan is appreciable!


Individual pans are necessary for some families. Individual pans are helpful when there are food allergies in the family. For example, someone who is allergic to berries can not eat berry pies. The individual pan allows the chef to create a special small-batch for this person with allergies. No one is left out because everyone still gets to eat different versions of the same meal!

Vegans and Vegetarians also benefit from individual pans. If they are unable to eat meat, dairy, or animal products, vegans and vegetarians can have a meatless version of the meal.

Another great use for individual pans is if you host dinner parties or get-togethers. The individual size is perfect for guests to grab a quick bite before the main meal. Food served in an individual dish does not necessarily require a seat at the table. On the contrary, people can eat on their servings while mingling, chatting, or hanging out.


Ceramic pie pans are extremely tough and created for high temperatures. Pie pans made with ceramic can be used in an oven at high temperatures without the threat of damage to the cookware.

Ceramics also retain heat and distribute the heat evenly throughout the dish. This is why many professional chefs use ceramic ramekins to cook pot pies, soups, and other dense dishes.

With this heat retention, food stays warmer for longer; another plus for serving in individual pot pie pans as appetizers!

Ceramics typically last longer than their glass counterparts. Glass pie pans are often stained when used frequently, whereas ceramics do not often stain. Ceramics are highly chip-resistant and non-stick as well.

Where to Buy Individual Ceramic Pot Pie Pans

There are hundreds of cookware stores that carry individual ceramic pot pie pans. Below are the most common and of high quality finds:


The great thing about Amazon is its ease of use and easy access. Amazon is easy to use forBlue Individual Ceramic Pot Pie Pans all ages, and they have hundreds of individual ceramic pot pie pans. One of the ceramic pie pans with the best reviews is the Sweese pie pan.

The Sweese pie pan has a set of 4 individual pie pans; each pan is 6.5 inches and holds up to 12 ounces. With a 4.7 review, customers are excited with the results it yields!

Each pie pan in the set is a different color: navy, turquoise, light blue, orange, yellow, and white.

Sweese also prides itself on the temperature resistance of their pie pans. These individual pie pans can be used in the microwave, oven, freezer, and under the broiler. They are also dishwasher safe!


Crate and Barrel sell the popular Ruffled Individual Pie Dish. Similar to other ceramic cookware, it has a stoneware core. With a 4.9 review, this mini ceramic pie pan is a well-tested product.

The ruffled rim and white, glossy glaze give this individual ceramic pie pan a polished appearance. When a pie pan looks this good, it makes serving a lot simpler.

This ceramic cookware piece is also microwave-safe, freezer-safe, oven-safe (up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit), and dishwasher-safe. Cooking and cleaning become a lot easier.

Customers can also purchase a matching regular size pie dish.


Emile Henry individual pie dish ImageEmilie Henry is a name known by many experienced bakers. Emilie Henry sells many pieces for both cookware and bakeware sets. Among those, they sell the Modern Classics Pie Dish.

You can buy a single 5.5-inch ceramic pie pan or a set of 2 5.5 inch ceramic pie pans. The Modern Classic comes in five colors: sugar, rose, twilight, spring, and leaves.

Emile Henry created a pie dish design that was patented and is widely known. Many trust his bakeware because of this reason. Just like the other options, Emile Henry has a high rating of 5 stars!

Each piece of bakeware can be used in the freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher.

Emile Henry states that the dish is resistant to mechanical shocks, temperature changes, and fading colors. If the dish experiences any chips, fading, or cracks, it is okay. His cookware comes with a 10-year guarantee!

What To Do With Your Individual Ceramic Pot Pie Pans

There is so much to do with an individual ceramic pot pie pan. You can use the pans for appetizers, such as tater tot casserole, mini deep dish pizzas, or butternut squash mix with beefy mushrooms.

The individual ceramic pans can be used for your favorite pot pie. Chicken pot pie, beef pot pie, and veggie pot pie are all great options!

These pie pans are extremely resourceful because of their size and materials. The individual size makes it perfect for small bites and those with allergen fears. The ceramic material helps the dish retain heat and cook the food evenly.

You can buy individual ceramic pot pie pans at Amazon, Crate & Barrel, or Emile Henry. After picking up your ceramic pot pie pan, it’ll be time to start cooking.

Try something new and adventurous! What are you going to cook with your individual ceramic pot pie pan?

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