Which Green Life 12 Inch Pan is the Best?

The Green Life 12 inch pan is one of the most popular products from GreenLife. Many choose GreenLife for its ceramic coating and stylish look. Customers can attest to the appealing appearance of GreenLife cookware; however, navigating the numerous collections and products can be daunting.

GreenLife has many collections, and each one does something different than the last. With seven cookware collections, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you.

GreenLife currently sells four versions of its 12-inch frypan. The following collections are available:

  • Soft Grip
  • Soft Grip Pro
  • Classic Pro
  • Sandstone

How do you know which frypan is for you? Keep reading to learn the differences between the four frypan collections from GreenLife!

Soft Grip – Green Life 12 inch pan


The Soft Grip 12-inch pan is a ceramic, heavy metal-free frying pan. Each pan is made with a toxin-free Thermolon coating. Thermolon is a material used in place of the traditional non-stick glazes found on other pans. Other traditional non-stick frypans are produced by using chemicals.

The core of the Soft Grip Pro is constructed with recycled aluminum. The aluminum interior allows this frypan to heat up faster than other pans. GreenLife ensures customers that the Soft Grip 12-inch pan has a wobble-free base; this allows users to stir, fry, and mix ingredients without the pan tipping.


green life 12 inch pan soft grip imageOutside of the materials, the Soft Grip pan has additional features that add to its unique design. Each Soft Grip pan is without rivets. A rivet is a piece of metal (often a bolt or screw) that holds two pieces of material together. GreenLife chose not to add them to the Soft Grip to prevent any food buildup.

The Soft Grip 12-inch pan can be used in the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also wash the Soft Grip pan by running it through the dishwasher.

The angled rim of the Soft Grip 12-inch pan is perfect for individuals that need to do a lot of pouring. With an angled rim, users do not have to worry about spillage or making a mess.

Unique Details

You may be wondering why it is called the Soft Grip. The Soft Grip 12-inch pan is known for its soft-grip handles. The soft-grip handle is referred to as the “most comfortable handle”. GreenLife created this frypan because it is guaranteed to stay cool while you are cooking.

In addition to its stay-cool handles, the Soft Grip 12-inch pan comes in the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Lavender
  • Red
  • Soft Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Yellow

Soft Grip Pro –

Green Life 12 inch pan


Each cookware item is made with a recycled aluminum base and a ceramic coating. The ceramic coating is reinforced with diamonds. The reinforced diamond coating is free of harmful chemicals and toxins.


The Soft Grip Pro, similar to the Soft Grip collection, is also oven safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike the prior collection, the Soft Grip Pro is not dishwasher safe.

Not only did this company choose aluminum for its quick heating, but because it is recycled! The recycled aluminum allows GreenLife to make environmentally-conscious decisions when producing cookware. In addition to the recycled aluminum core, the handles of the Soft Grip Pro are made using Bakelite.

Unique Details

The Soft Grip Pro fry pan is a unique Green Life 12-inch pan because of its coating. The diamond reinforced ceramic coating creates a better non-stick surface than other ceramic pans. After releasing the Soft Grip collection, GreenLife was able to improve the design and create a pan that allowed easy cooking and easy cleaning.

Unlike the former GreenLife 12-inch pan, the Soft Grip Pro collection only comes in the following colors:

  • Black

Classic Pro –

Green Life 12 inch pan


The Classic Pro 12-inch pan is created with hard-anodized aluminum and a ceramic coating. The hard-anodized aluminum proves to be a great heat conductor. Because of the ceramic coating, the pan is made without harsh chemicals. Last but not least its made with stainless steel, the handles are just as durable as the pan.


green life 12 inch pan classic pro imageDue to the hard-anodized aluminum, the Classic Pro frypan can be used with high heat. Many of GreenLife’s 12-inch pans can not be used with high heat because of the ceramic coating. In addition to being used with high heat, the Classic Pro frypan is also compatible with all stovetops, except induction stovetops.


Unique Details

The Classic Pro 12-inch pan is oven safe up to 600 degrees! This is almost unheard of for ceramic frypans. Not only is it oven-safe, but the Classic Pro can be used with metal utensils because it is highly scratch-resistant.

The Classic Pro 12-inch pan comes in the following colors:

  • Light Gray

Sandstone – Green Life 12 inch pan


The Sandstone 12-inch pan is similar to the Soft Grip Pro frypan because it was created with a diamond-infused coating. However, the Sandstone collection is a diamond-infused sandstone coating. The sandstone coating is free of pfas, pfoa, lead, and cadmium. The base is made with recycled aluminum, similar to all GreenLife products.


Handles on the Sandstone pan are covered in a comfortable gripping pad. The handles are made to stay cool as you cook. On the Sandstone pan, the handles are attached with a snag-free clasp. Small pieces of food can get snagged on rivets and lead to grim, mold, and a dirty pan. With this said, GreenLife took away the bulky rivets.

Unique Details

With the diamond-infused sandstone coating, this frypan is extremely non-stick and incredibly durable. The Sandstone 12-inch pan also comes in the following colors:

  • Pink

In Conclusion

After learning all the details of each GreenLife 12-inch pan, it can still be hard to choose the right one.

In short, the Soft Grip pan is for you if you require a simple ceramic pan with lots of color options. The Soft Grip is perfect for those who care about the appearance of their frypan.

While similar to the Soft Grip, the Soft Grip Pro is a more viable option for chefs that require a durable, non-stick surface. The diamond ceramic coating is a better non-stick surface.

For individuals that need an extremely durable pan and at a professional-grade quality, the Classic Pro is for you. The Classic Pro has the highest heat tolerance and is resistant to metal utensils.

The Sandstone pan is perfect for chefs that want a reliably non-stick pan. The diamond-infused sandstone coating provides incredible durability along with the non-stick surface.

In short, each GreenLife 12-inch pan offers a unique benefit. It simply depends on what you need for your kitchen! Which GreenLife 12-inch pan will you buy? Let us know!

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